Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holidays and their endings.. Brunetti's in Carlton.

Back to school tomorrow for Jorge.. and therefore back to the grind for me (although I have now been back at work for 2 weeks) and back to those ABC radio segments.
I thought I'd talk about food and my holidays... there were many average meals eaten out, and in the end we decided that, excluding Melbourne, we would be better off cooking ourselves.
We had to be in Melbourne by December 20 to catch the ferry to Devonport... we had three days. The weather turned cold at Coober Pedy and after a miserable rainy day on the road from Adelaide to Melbourne, we located our Carlton accommodation and I decided to expose my son, Jorge, to the delightful world of Brunetti.
What a wonderful place. It was a cold wet Melbourne Sunday afternoon, and the place was so full of people eating, drinking coffee and chatting. I felt like I was in a new country.. and one with so much choice. Jorge struggled to choose which chocolate treat to eat, but in the end it was done.He may not look happy, but I believe he was just overwhelmed. Behind us was a glassed section of the most amazing gingerbread houses.
After our Brunetti experience, I went shopping at King & Godfree for essential supplies for our trip: parmesan, olive oil, vinegar, pasta and that was it for this stage of Melbourne.