Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Cakes of Legend: Birthday Cake(s) No 3 for Birthday No 9

This is the final birthday cake(s) for this Jorge's 9th birthday... he requested macarons for the cake for this part.. three types: salted caramel, passionfruit and raspberry - and so he got his wish.
Up till 2am last night, and cursing my oven.. wishing I had a new one, only to remember that I do have one that's been sitting in our living room for two years now..  I have given myself till Christmas to have it installed.
Macarons  piled high on a plate were divine!  But I wasn't completely happy with the results. 
 I had some lopsided problems which I suspected was due to my oven, and confirmed via late night research..
 Recipes for macarons are as per my previous posting on salted caramel macarons.  Raspberry ganache was made with white chocolate, cream and fresh raspberrries in double boiler till melted, chilled, then whipped.  Passionfruit filling is another story: passionfruit curd with whipped cream.. need to work on this one. 
The party was a hit:  Halloween inspired and involved children dressing up and visiting five houses in neighbourhood... Glad I live in Alice Springs.  There were more activities: PiƱata, nerf gun trials, brandy, soccer, etcc and of course pizza, cooked in pizza oven on sourdough bread.  All children were happy, and I am exhausted. Good night!