Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arancini - Wonderful for leftover Risotto

Not sure how appealing this picture looks, but these are soooo  yummy!  In keeping with the birthday theme, my lovely son asked for Risotto for this birthday dinner. (And chocolate mousse for dessert... discussed earlier today.) Not going to give the recipe for risotto tonight, but rather these beautiful deep fried risotto balls.  For a long time, I used only to put mozarella in the middle of my arancini (also called suppli sometimes), and then I tried one at Brunetti's in Melbourne, and it had bolognese in the centre as well.  It makes it more of a meal, and has a very Italo-Australian sensibility...

2 eggs
Left over risotto (I have used Risi e Bisi risotto)
Quantity of bolognese (everyone should have this on hand in your freezer)
Mozarella, cut into small cubes
Deep-frying oil

  1. Beat up one egg and mix it through the cold risotto.
  2. Beat up the other egg and put in a shallow bowl.
  3. Place breadcrumbs in second shallow bowl.
  4. Take a heaped teaspoon size amount of risotto and place in cupped hand, creating a hollow in the middle.
  5. Into this hollow, place a teaspoon of bolognese sauce and a cube of mozarella.  
  6. Take another teaspoon of risotto mixture and place over the top.
  7. Very gently make a round ball.
  8. Roll the ball in the beaten egg mixture then breadcrumbs.  Leave aside and repeat with remaining risotto.
  9. Heat up cooking oil, and when hot carefully place a ball in the oil.  There must be enough oil to cover the ball.  Cook and turn until brown and drain on paper.
  10. Eat quickly while the cheese is still runny...