Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Cooking and preparations...

Jorge's gingerbread men and trees...
It was with surprised relief that I took down our Christmas tree the day after Boxing Day.  I don't ever recall feeling so much relief that Christmas was finally over.  It seemed to have gone on for weeks, and my mood ebbed and flowed according to the rhythms of the various gatherings I attended, the food I cooked (or didn't get around to) and the planning around the actual day. There is so much pressure on each individual to get that day right.. to spend it with the 'right people' - friends or family, and to get that feast 'right'!  This feast day and festival is imbued with so much relevance about one's legitimacy as a person.  Next year, I want to take off to Vietnam or Cambodia a week before, and let the day drift by with barely a whimper.  I doubt my son will let me do this.  He is hanging on to every last thread of the Santa myth that he can...  including the food.  Here is the before and after shot of Santa's feast for this year. Santa's food consisted of: gingerbread men and stars, turkish delight, soft chocolate torrone, cherries and ginger beer, of course! And he and the reindeers left behind a big mess on the floor by way of paw prints.  I'm wondering if this will be our last visit from Santa, but I suspect not.

Santa food, before and after

This year's interpretation on
Christmas Nativity.