Thursday, May 5, 2011

Apples & Apple Pies

Apples are looking great at the moment, with a good variety to choose from: Royal Gala, Fuji,  Johnathon, Pink Lady, Granny Smiths.  This great website has all of them.
When apples are cheap and good, I love to cook with them, particularly pies. (I love pies.) There are so many wonderful variations of apples and pastry to cook with, including: good ole' American apple pie, apple strudel, apple crumble, tarte tatin, French apple tart and savoury pork and apple pie.
I am going to give recipes for three of my favourite apple pies including: American Apple Pie, Pork and Apple Pie and Tarte Tatin.
The choice of apple is up to you but  I always prefer the tartness of Granny Smith to any other apple.
  The basic principle with any pie, and in particular apple pie, is to use the pastry to enclose, seal and cook your apples.   I would suggest that you don't want apple mush, which usually happens when you cook your apples ahead of time.  I like my apples cooked, but still in shape.