Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pizza Oven

In keeping with my theme of 'food as gifts' I requested for my birthday this year a pizza oven.  Now, I have always wanted a pizza oven, ever since I built my own quasi oven out of besser bricks when I was 18... and I had this idea that it would only take one day to build a pizza oven... so, the day before my birthday, in sweltering heat, the man of my life began the pizza making process... I rang up friends (sms actually) and invited them over for the first pizza out of the oven.. I miscalculated, and there was no pizza oven that night, and 9 weeks after my birthday there is still no pizza oven, but definitely the beginning, and middle of a lovely round oven... and a beautiful metal frame it sits on that could hold several cars in addition to my pizza oven.