Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hot Winter Drinks

The temperature has dropped about 15 degrees here in Alice Springs, and it's finally raining.   We have a beautiful wood fire going (thanks to the protection of the pizza oven ) and the family are hankering after warm milky drinks.

There's chai, made with soy milk and honey - we have this every other evening.. and then there's hot milk with cinnamon sticks and cardamom.. but best of all, we sometimes have Salep.

My relationship with Salep began about two years ago when I came across a recipe for Salep ice-cream.  I seem to have friends who understand my preoccupation with cooking and offer to buy me ingredients when they travel interstate.  On this occasion I took up the offer and asked for 'Salep' from a visitor from Canberra.

Two packets of instant Salep (and other treats) arrived a few weeks later, and the Salep was as aromatic and beautiful as I anticipated. I won't begin to describe and would say to anyone, if you have the chance, try this drink.  Apparently it was the drink of choice 200 years ago before tea and coffee dominated the hot drink scene...and it is very good for you with a range of therapeutic benefits.  In keeping with my 5:2 diet, I just drank a cup made with very low calorie almond milk, and while nowhere near as joyful a drink was quite palatable..

One day.... one day..... I will visit the Bosphorous and enjoy a cup of authentic hot Turkish salep.....