Monday, November 7, 2011

The Rise of the Super Butcher

I have discovered something new in life - it's called a Super Butcher - and it lives in an outer Brisbane suburb called Waterford West, but I don't imagine it's a solitary creature.  I suspect there are a whole family of Super Butchers out there.  So, what makes a Super Butcher, different to a Butcher?
Meat is meat??? But no, there's more... there's so much more ... meat! Piles of Wagyu blade, special packages of porterhouse (at $28.99/kg, it's not what I'd call a bargain)  pre-packaged in large quantities, a half or quarter of a beast, and a special frozen section, where you'd have to bring your uggies if you spent more than 10 minutes perusing the flesh.  I'm a bit taken by the whole experience, and it's not a pretty one either.  Not being a meat lover myself, I have assumed the world is moving toward a more healthy, organic, semi-vegetarian approach to food.. but I suspect this is just my world.  And somewhere out there is a whole bunch of meat lovers that I just don't know.