Friday, November 25, 2011

Cakes of Legend... Polenta and Fig Cake

I have cooked a lot of cakes lately, and I'm at that point of being sick of cream, chocolate, icing, butter etcc...  Not that there is anything wrong with my beautiful cheesecake recipe, montmorency cake or the orange yoghurt cake I made for Sliva's birthday last week. But today, I want something else... something simple, yet complex in other ways.  And so, I have had this cake on my mind for a few weeks.  I found this recipe online, when I was also heartily sick of the chestnut and rosemary cake I had become an expert on.

Polenta and Fig Cake is simple, and delicious and wonderful.  I don't think of it as a gluten free cake (it is), because it is a celebration not a substitution for the main ingredients of:  polenta, pine-nuts, dried figs, sultanas and fennel.  And it's simple, and don't omit the alcohol, it's essential.
I will give the link for the recipe rather than repeat it.  The only additional thing I do is to absolutely lather the cake tin with unsalted butter, then sprinkle a little butter and polenta on the top.