Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my best macarons yet....

Yes, I feel I've finally achieved a significant Macarons goal.. I made salted caramel macarons, and they were divine...

As you can see, Jorge was also delighted.
Now the recipe for them I got from two websites, which I highly recommend:
For the macarons, go to the food geek.  He uses Italian meringue, which is the key.  I've used recipes with the French meringue, but the results are nowhere near as good. (I also used a natural food colour here...)  Zumbo also uses Italian meringue.  (One tip I just read from Zumbo, is to add your food colour to the toffee!  Check out Zumbo here.)
For the salted caramel, I found this lovely site called Honey & Soy..  I kept thinking I was making honey and soy macarons... now there's food for thought!
Yes, macarons are tricky but well worth the effort.  Wanting to try passionfruit macarons this weekend, and maybe perfect my cannoli.