Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Garden Instalment #3

Up to my 4th bed... potatoes looking good, and surviving (just)  the mad dashes of one red heeler puppy called CC.  Can't say the same for the silver beet, although fennel seems indestructable.
I got one tomato from all my healthy bushes (see below), and it was fab.... but way too much effort for one tomato (a couple of small ones).. although this ox-heart variety tasted fantastic... check out the colour and the flesh.  Served here with a splash of olive oil, parsley (sadly no basil) and some wet sea salt.  I am currently pulling out my vines and getting read to plant more seedlings.. 
  From now on, I will plant according to the Alice Springs calendar, rather than assume I know better... I don't.
Fennel Head below...is a champ!   Already sick of fennel and dog can't seem to destroy it.
And here are my carrots... very proud of this effort.  Got purple ones in at the moment...
But really, what I am most happy with is my daikon radish (below)... I can't begin to explain the joy of planting seeds and growing a particular vegetable you can't get locally so you (me) can cook a particular dish... In this case: Agedashi Tofu.. yum!