Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Instalment 2

I know longer need to buy lettuce.  I have so much in abundance.  I have this lovely loose leafed variety that I have never seen in shops.  Great in salads, it's a shame it's the middle of winter when I'm not hankering for salads, but have been favouring Salad Nicoise as I watch the Tour de France and try and re-vision my life for a year in France... a work in progress.
  I also have rocket, tatsoi, fennel and parsley. Not doing so sell with the red cabbage and I have about three tomatoes that have struggled to hold on to their vines over winter
This feels like my first major success in the garden for many years, due to a large extent to the large quantity of cow poo we deposited there, thanks to the Bohning Cattle Yards.

Today, I planted some potatoes that had started to seed, onions and garlic... well overdue (meant to be planted before the shortest day of the year).  Have some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings ready to go in, again a bit late.  I also cut back our patch of asparagus, fed it some poo and watered it.  In addition to my vision of a year in France, I also have one (a vision) of eating most of my vegetable matter from my own garden.