Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vehicle rollover, the day after

Morning in Broome, the day after I rolled a 4WD on the way back from Cape Leveque, with three people in the car. I manage a remote television station, and part of my work is visiting some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the Austalia. I've been travelling bush roads for almost nine years and never had an accident.
No-one was hurt, but I feel very close to death and am reconsidering my life choices and directions.
I love cooking, I love eating. I have lived and argued with my partner of 15 years, and the only place we always seem to get on well, is in the kitchen. We have synergy in the kitchen. My father once commented that he couldn't never quite understand the connection between me and Mark, until he saw us in the kitchen.
Mark is a wonderful cook. He does flesh and Asian. I do pasta, vegetarian dishes, pastry and deserts.
So the segue here is that I am going to start a blog about what I eat, what I cook, how I cook, and all other matters related to food.
In my family of food lovers, we joke that food is not love. However for me food is love.
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