Thursday, November 19, 2009

Threadfin Salmon with tomato and chilli and other things...

This is adapted from a "Chilli and tomato fish" recipe from Donna Hay's "The Instant Cook".

Virgin olive oil
1 good size piece of threadfin salmon, sliced crosswise and seasoned with salt and peper.
1 onion, sliced
Chilli (red, preferably fresh or dried)
6 small tomatoes (must be ripe)
White wine
2 pieces of preserved lemon
Fresh oregano
Spring onion/shallot (optional)
salt and pepper

Using a wide frying pan, heat olive oil, and when hot place onions in the pan. Cook over a low heat and soft, and add chilli. Remove onions, and fry fish pieces, gently on each side. Remove fish, and place onions back in the pan. When heated through add tomatoes, cook for a few minutes until they start to go soft and add white wine. Heat through and add preserved lemon and fresh oregano. When thoroughly heated, and sauce-like, return the fish to the pan with spring onions and place lid on frying pan for a few minutes. Season to taste.

Can be served with rice, pasta or couscous.