Saturday, January 28, 2012

In praise of school lunches - help needed!

After five years of creating gourmet, uneaten lunches for my son, now nine, I have decided to make use of some plastic fruit I have held on to for way too long and pack this for lunch for him every day.  I am thinking plastic pear for Monday, plastic mango for Tuesday, plastic banana for Wednesday – not sure about Thursday, and Friday he has takeaway from the Tea Shrine (a local vegetarian Asian cafĂ©.)  Usually something nutritious like coloured steam buns!
This way, I will finally have accepted that I have failed dismally as a parent!  Because being a good cook is integrally linked with being a good parent (??) I have watched other children bite into their uneaten rolls while waiting for their parents, and have wondered what I am doing wrong.
For a start he (Jorge) refuses any sandwich, in any form.  Sometimes he will accept a roll, but it usually comes home uneaten. I suspect my mistake is that once I get onto a winner, I overdo it an within a fortnight, and he refuses to eat it ever again.  Here are some of the foods we’ve tried:

Nori wafers
Smoked kangaroo
Olive oil and fennel
Julienne vegetables with dip
Salami and bread
Bread and dip
Garlic bread
Crackers of all varieties
Cheese pies
Spinach pie (with home-made fillo)
Vietnamese springs rolls
Nori rolls
Corn bread
Corn and rice cakes
Watermelon (ok)

I can’t quite understand that given my near obsession with food, I have a son who refuses to eat anything I prepare for lunch.  I am equally distressed when I ask him if he likes any of the lunches the other children have he says he likes Sarah’s lunch, which turns out to be a meat pie each day.  I am in a dilemma.  Do I concede defeat and give him a meat pie, or do I just give him plastic fruit and a square meal when he returns home?