Thursday, February 24, 2011

My first garden despatch...

Tired of the tired leaf greens in this town? Frustrated at the lack of choice? I am! So, I have purchased seeds: molochia, mibuna, scarola, rocket, cos lettuce, tree lettuce, tatsoi, silver beet... and of course, ox-heart tomatoes (not greens, I concede). They're all still babies, and I don't know if I am made of the right stuff to get them through to adolscence, let alone adulthood and into my kitchen, but I have a dream? A dream of drifting out into my garden with a cane basket under my arm, and harvesting bunches of healthy, beautiful vegetables for dinner.... you know the scenario! There's a scarf involved and melodic tunes.... We almost got there in Yuendumu with a crop of artichokes, but the bullocks beat us to them, and I never did have that cane basket.

Now, my seedlings are not doing well.... These are Cos lettuce seedlings I planted almost a month ago??? (Not even from seeds!)
The very image of pathos, they are.. if you look closely you may also see some very spindly parsley, coriander or silverbeet...I admit, I am not a gardener.. but I so want good veges... I have been a reasonably successful vegetable gardener in Melbourne.. but rarely have I succeeded in Central Australia.
We did have some quite happy parsley here before Christmas, but then we went away
and our house sitter didn't see the grave importance of watering this one bed in our absence...
In another bed, zucchinis are doing OK and have been planted by seed... but then zucchinis are easy.
But what of the greens? Yesterday we headed off to the Bohning Cattle yards and got a whole heap of dung... poo... manure.. and I'm feeling positive... I foresee a blog about what to cook when you have so much ______ (not dung, but hopefully the vegetable that wants to grow in my garden)... it will start something like.."What to do when you have so many X, and are so sick of them X..."!